Ad Campaign Inspired by:
Ravens and Rockers gothic text. Photo of feminine costumed person dressed in black with touches of blood red. Costume includes leather and lace, person has straight, red hair, red lipstick, black-painted finger nails and black eyeshadow. Storw Owner Sheena. Photo by Drunk Camera Guy.
Ravens and Rockers: Rockstar fashion for stage, street and club.
Starting Point, Vector Assets  |  Adobe Illustrator
Severed hands, green skin, celestial tattoos and sharpened or coffin-style acrylic nails: staples of alternative goth fashion. Green and Purple were also chosen to represent halloween.
Poster  |  The only print ad among the set.
Mobile Ads   |  Adobe Animate handles vector graphics well, from Adobe Illustrator.
There are two unique ads for each of three required dimensions presets.
Logo is the property of:
Ravens & Rockers


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