Sam Skeels ( he/they )
Graphic Design Bachelors, Valedictorian and Academic Honors +
Illustrator, Artist, Designer, Creative
"Art was always my favorite class growing up and it seemed natural to go from Progress Village Middle Magnet School of the Arts to Full Sail University, with accelerated media and recording arts degrees. In the time between the two, I enjoyed advanced placement (AP) English Language, AP 2D Portfolio and earning two Poetry Jam awards.
When I learned that I excel in the digital world, graphic design became my new special interest. I earned several Adobe and Microsoft software certifications, becoming a Microsoft Office Master just as I turned 18.
I wasn't surprised to get my ADHD diagnosis because even though I did well in school, I had to work very hard to do so, dedicating myself to my future and my career. 
I have treatment for it now, and I still work just as hard. I know I can do great things."
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